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non-invasive body contouring

bum lift

The bum lift, instantly lifts and contours the buttocks leaving the area firmer and toned after one treatment. The bum lift will also reduce the appearance of cellulite providing a smoother, defined and dimple free appearance.

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what is it

Lifts and contours the bum leaving the area firm and toned, smoother and dimple freele free appearance.


Bum Lift | Fat Reduction | Reduced cellulite | Improved apperance of stretchmarks | Skin Tightening

treatment areas


treatment time

30-40 Minutes

recovery time

During this treatment, clients can experience mild discomfort as you would feel whilst exercising at the gym. Settings can be increased or decreased to suit each client on every session to ensure client comfort. Area treated may feel tight for up to 48 hours

recommended Course

Effective from 1st treatment
6-10 Courses

before & after treatment

Drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy eating habit

risks and complications

Not suitable for:
Under 18's
During pregnancy or nursing or those with serious medical illness. We cannot treat clients with Fibromyagia or those currently taking antidepressants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lipofirm® Pro Bum Lift is a non-surgical tightening & toning treatment to reshape & contour your buttocks exactly where you want. This treatment is perfect for those wanting a bum lift without surgery. The LP Bum Lift is fast becoming a  popular non surgical way to lift, firm and tone the bum. During treatment you will feel a warming sensation as the hand piece is moved across the area. Specific areas can be targeted and you can see instant bum lift results as well as being confident the results will continue to improve over a course of treatments.

Lipofirm® uses radiofrequency waves to target fat cells, reduce appearance of cellulite, and tighten your skin. It does not involve surgery and is non-invasive, therefore it is a quicker, more comfortable, and a more cost-effective way to get your desired results. There are no injections or anaesthetic, you don’t need to take time out to recover, and after each session you will be able to clearly see the improvements that it’s made.

We will always create a bespoke treatment plan to suit your aims and objectives. Here is an example of our Lipofirm® pricing for a single session on one area or a course.

More than one area can be treated – take a look at our full pricing here. 

PackagesSingle PackageCourse of 4 Save 10%Course of 10 for the Price of 8
Single Area95352760

Payment plans are also available.

Yes, you can take advantage of our Interest Free Payment Plan and make your aesthetic goals achievable and affordable.

Our Go Cardless Interest-Free Payments are available to purchase courses for Lipofirm® Pro Inch Loss & Body Contouring, Laser Hair Removal and courses of facials too!

TreatPlan members also receive additional discounts and offers which change each month.

Ask your practitioner during your consultation for more details.

Very safe. This Lipofirm® treatment has been clinically tested and is medically certified.

We will carry out a full consultation before starting your treatment, so if you are not a suitable candidate, we will know this before your treatment begins.

Results always vary from person to person depending on your lifestyle and body type – but you will see results from just one treatment, but to get the most effective results a course is recommended.

Because the Lipofirm® technology is medically certified, it means that it has been put through rigorous testing and has been shown to work for everyone.

We recommend this treatment for moderate inch loss and not for extreme weight loss. During your free consultation we’ll talk you through the results you can expect to see.

Yes. We offer a free trial on Lipofirm® treatments to ensure you are happy with the treatment before you purchase a course.

This will give you the opportunity to experience it and ask any questions you may have.

Call 01213508482 to book a free consultation and session. 

The LP Bum Lift reduces appearance of cellulite, smoothe dimples and reduce unwanted fat.

We always recommend drinking plenty of water to help your body break down the fat.

To make sure the energy released by your body is not converted back into fat, we recommend a low calorie diet on the day of your treatment and on the day after your treatment. For best results, we always recommend a low calorie diet throughout your Lipofirm® course.

No, it is not suitable for people with certain medical conditions. If you have had liver or kidney failure, heart disease, or if you wear a pacemaker, Lipofirm® will not be suitable. It is also not possible to treat pregnant or lactating women with this technology.

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