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Choose from the range of body balancing experiences below which can be tailored to your specific needs and desires taking you on an incredible sensory journey. All our Massages are tailor made by Eve Taylor using professionally pre blended oils to suit your personal needs.

A deep tissue massage releases tension, stress and aching muscles. During deep tissue massage, soft tissues are manipulated to relieve tension and fatigue in the muscle fibers. This, in turn, may increase a range of movement and therefore be preventative in future injury or ongoing strains. Perfect for people engaged in physical activity and fitness.

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A deep tissue massage for back, neck & shoulders, targeting the areas where you need it most. This relieves strains and tensions which accumulate during our ever demanding lifestyles, leaving you feeling relaxed, supple and also revitalized.

Choose from a selection of Eve Taylor pre-blended professional essential oils to suit your individual needs. This promotes wellbeing and relaxation to ease away everyday stresses and strains, whilst giving you the all-important ‘ME’ time.

Aromatherapy Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
A heavenly relaxing back, neck & shoulder massage choosing from a selection of Eve Taylor pre-blended professional essential oils to suit your individual needs.

Specifically formulated for relieving tension and stress. The powerful combination of using Swedish Massage techniques and essential oils will leave you completely at one with yourself, bringing the mind, body and soul back into balance.

It has a stimulating “wide awake” effect. Using Swedish massage techniques and carefully applied pressures, the nervous system is stimulated and lymphatic drainage helps encourage a healthy circulation. This perfect combination of oils and techniques enable you to relax and unwind leaving you feeling refreshed, re-energized and revitalized.

To help relieve underlying localized discomfort caused by tension, anxiety or physical activity. This remarkable treatment will release aches and tensions held over the whole body. The nervous system is stimulated by carefully applying pressure to trigger points which releasing tight joints and aching muscles. You will feel deeply relaxed, more supple and recharged.

A deeply detoxifying formulation beneficial for cellulite type deposits and areas of high congestion. Effective in aiding elimination and maintaining healthy skin texture. This helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and relieve the discomfort of fluid retention.

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