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Fiji Skin Clinic Soprano Ice Platinum Laser

laser hair removal

cutting edge treatment for more permanent results

Alma lasers , the manufacturer of Soprano Ice Laser and Soprano Ice Platinum have been producing award winning laser hair removal systems for over 10 years. As new technology is invented, new systems are launched with various advantages and improvements on the previous models.

What is the difference between Soprano Ice Laser and the New Soprano Ice Platinum?

The Old soprano ice Laser

The Soprano Ice Laser system has been a hugely popular choice for the last few years for people looking for painless and effective laser hair removal.

  • This system has different attachments allowing the operator to use either the Speed™ Technology 810nm wavelength or the Alex Technology 755nm wavelength.
  • This system does not employ the YAG technology wavelength so is not the best choice for darker hair or skin types
  • Also as it will only work on 1 wavelength at a time rather than the Platinum’s 3 wavelengths, it is not as effective in reducing hair growth.

The New - Soprano Ice Platinum Laser

This revolutionary new system combines three laser wavelengths into a single applicator simultaneously treating different tissue depths as well as anatomical structures within the hair follicles. By combining the absorption and penetration levels of three different wavelengths, along with the treatment coverage and comfort of the diode laser, Soprano ICE Platinum Laser achieves the safest and most comprehensive hair removal treatment available today.

  • Alex Technology: 755nm wavelength offers more powerful energy absorption making it ideal for the widest range of hair types and colours , especially light coloured and fine hair
  • Speed™ Technology: 810nm is the classic wavelength to offer deeper penetration of the hair follicle and high average power, high repetition rate, and a large 2cm spot size for fast treatment.
  • YAG Technology: 1064nm wavelength offers the deepest penetration of the hair follicle making it an optimal solution for darker skin types
  • Both systems offer virtually painless, effective hair reduction but the new Soprano Ice Platinum system wins over its predecessor with the use of 3 laser wavelengths rather than 1.
Fiji Skin Clinic Soprano Ice Platinum Infographic

what is it

World’s first and only pain-free laser hair removal. Treats all skin tones and hair colour simultaneously
Laser hair removal for men also


Semi-permanent hair removal on targetted areas
Perfect for ingrown hair removal

Virtually painless

Treatment is virtually painless

0% Interest Free Finance

We offer interest free finance over 10 months as well as finance over 4 years. Treatments can be purchased singular or in courses of 6 and 8.

treatment areas

Suitable for all areas including hard to reach areas such as ears, nostrils and bikini
All types of hair course and fine except white or grey hair
All skin tones for ladies and gents

treatment time

15-60 Minutes

patch test required?

Treatment can be performed 30mins after patch test
Only shave a 2 inches of the area to be treated for a patch test and leave the rest of the hair for our Aesthetician to access

recommended Course

Every 6-8 weeks for body hair removal
Every 4-6 weeks for facial hair removal
Courses are available in 6 and 8 sessions

Proven Safety Record

FDA Approved and has numerous clinical trial too.
Proven safety record

risks and complications

The area may appear more red than usual post treatment

Before Your Treatment

The area treated should be cleanly shaven on the day of the appointment. No spray tan or tanning 7 days before treatment of patch test


Sunbed or sun exposure in last 7 days
Tattoo in the area to be treated
Herpes or fragile skin
Please call for advise if you are uncertain if the medications being taken are photosensitive or anticoagulants
History of cancer
Spray Tan in last 7 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on skin and hair type, results are typically seen after the first treatment. We would usually expect up to 80% clearance within 6 to 8  sessions.

Our consultations are free and we do not charge for patch tests either. Book in for a non obligation consultation and experience how laser can she you time and money  from waxing whilst keeping you feeling smoother and hair free.

Yes, book a complimentary trial today and experience it yourself.

Soprano ICE Platinum uses Alma Laser’s SHR method, which is the only clinically proven method of laser hair removal that is virtually painless. The unique heating and energy delivery method effectively damages the hair follicle while preventing injury and pain to the surrounding tissue. At the same time, a sapphire ice tip cools the skin surface, preventing superficial burns and the sensation of pain.

Soprano ICE Platinum is the latest generation of the award-winning Soprano laser hair removal system. It is the most complete and effective laser hair removal system available today.
Celebrating 10 years of award-winning success, Soprano ICE Platinum features trio clustered diode technology. This means the Platinum Laser edition combines 3 laser wavelengths into a single innovative handpiece, simultaneously targeting different tissue depths as well as anatomical structures within the hair follicle.

Yes, absolutely. Soprano ICE’s SHR method has been proven in multiple clinical studies as the safest method of laser hair removal for all skin types. With SHR, hair follicles are damaged not by a single pulse of high energy which can injure the skin, but by repetitive short energy pulses. These pulses produce heat build-up which gradually raises the temperature of the dermis to the level needed for preventing hair growth, while minimizing the risk of burns. Soprano ICE Platinum Laser has a proven safety record across all skin types from very light skin tones to darker skin tones.

Soprano ICE is the most advanced hair removal platform that incorporates Yag, Alexandrite and Speed/Diode laser wavelengths and technologies. It offers power and versatility that allows you to safely treat the widest range of skin tone and hair types all year round.

Yes. While the melanin in dark skin is exponentially more sensitive to the heat used in laser treatment, Soprano ICE’s SHR method has been clinically proven to be the safe for dark skin types. Rather than exposing the hair follicle to a single high energy pulse which can cause trauma to skin with a high melanin count, SHR gradually heats the skin until the required heat energy is delivered to the hair follicle. This makes SHR the safest laser hair removal option, including for dark skinned patients.

Yes. Soprano ICE’s SHR method affects the melanin of the skin using a unique method, allowing the procedure to be performed anytime of the year as well as on tanned skin. Furthermore, sun exposure is less traumatic to the skin following SHR treatment. We can even do laser hair removal 7 days after a spray tan as long as any reamaining tan is exfoliated off in the area being treated.

While Soprano ICE Platinum offers the fastest laser hair removal solution available today, the duration of treatment can vary depending on the patient’s skin color, hair type and the area being treated. Treatment time can range from a few seconds for a small area such as above the upper lip, to 10-15 minutes for the entire back.

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