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The award winning ReSurface laser delivers ablative treatments for amazing rejuvenation results!

The award-winning ResurFACE Laser delivers amazing rejuvenation results! 

ReSurface can be used to treat a wide range of conditions on the face & body including:

  • Acne Scarring
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Anti- Ageing

This is one of our most advanced treatments that resurfaces your entire skin improving overall tone and texture that can take years off you. The treatment uses Erbium:Yag Laser to create tiny thermal holes in the skin stimulating a healing process and a deep ‘peel like’ effect. The laser stimulates new collagen production which plumps the skin and improves the elasticity. 

It’s a solution for sun damage, smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring/scarring reducing enlarged pores and fades brown spots. It is ideal for those wanting skin rejuvenation and a more even, smoother, healthier and glowing complexion on the face. 

Whilst we offer courses of ResurFACE this is also fantastic as a one-off treatment for those who wish to keep good skin great! Its a deep exfoliation removing congestion on the surface, revealing younger brighter skin which feels baby soft.

Fractional Laser on the Body

Fractional laser is also incredible for treating damaged skin on the body too such as stretch marks, acne scarring, surgical and chickenpox scars. It’s especially popular and effective at tightening any crepey skin on the stomach after pregnancy and weight loss too.

This treatment is suitable for all skin tones all year round, on the face and body.

It helps to improve the texture and appearance of the skin. ReSurface laser delivers virtually the same results as more aggressive treatments such as C02 laser and injectables but with a lot less downtime and very few side effects.

FREE Observ Skin Analysis

During your initial consultation we offer Observ Skin Analysis to enable us to really discover the underlying factors that may be effecting the qulaity, look and feel of your skin.

The Skin Analysis images also provide us with before and after photos of your treatments. During this consultation your practitioner will discuss any concerns you may have and will beable to recommend a treatment plan. At this time, if your skin is suitable, your practitioner will perform a small patch test on each area that will be treated. 

We will also offer you the option to have unlimited Observ Skin Analysis to monitor the progress of your treatment and show you the true results with detailed images of the deeper layers of your skin so you have a record of your skin journey.

Learn More about the FREE Observ Skin Analysis



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how does it work?

The ReSurface treatment uses Erbium:Yag Laser to create tiny thermal holes in the skin, this stimulates the skins healing process which in turn stimulates collagen production - collagen remodelling (collagen is a protein in the skin that aids skin strength and elasticity).


A clearer and more even skin tone | Significant reduction of scarring/stretch marks and a reduction in any fine lines and wrinkles.

treatment areas

Face & body | Acne Scarring | Scars | Lines & Wrinkles | For significant skin rejuvenation.

treatment time

15-60 mins depending on the size of the ​area being treated.

patch test required?

Absolutely! A patch test is required 1 week prior to a full treatment | Treatments are 4-6 weeks apart.

How will my skin look immediately after treatment?

Your skin's appearance​ after treatment will be similar to mild sunburn and you may also be able to see the dots where the laser has penetrated the skin.

recommended Course

Usually a course of 3-6 treatments depending on your current skin condition | Treatments are 4-6 weeks apart.

how does the treatment feel

The treatment is comfortable and will feel warm with a mild stinging sensation. The downtime with ReSurface can vary between 3 days to 1 week.

before your treatment

Please arrive with a clean face and no make-up on the skin.

risks and complications

Please contact the clinic on 0121 350 8482 for information on medical conditions and medication that are not suitable for treatment with ReSurface. We can treat any Fitzpatrick skin type 1(light caucasian skin) - 6 (dark afro-carribean skin) with ReSurface.

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