Elleebana lashes

lash lift

This is definitely one of our favourite fast and effective lash treatments to get high impact lashes without the maintenance! Give your lashes a pick me up in just 45 minutes!

Elleebana Lash Lift is a semi-permanent lash treatment to enhances your natural lashes. They will look fuller and longer, you’ll get a natural curl and volume without that kink you can often get from clamping with a curler. No need for eyelash extensions and the associated maintenance.

Often our clients’ lashes have improved, become healthier, and longer from getting lash lifts! The Elleebana formula conditions and nourishes!

Results last at least 6 weeks and treatment includes high quality tint on upper & lower lashes for that big impact.

Cost: £44

Time: 45 minutes 

what is it

Get high impact natural lashes with a conditioning and nourishing lash lift with tint on upper and lower lashes.


Stunning natural looking lashes which last up to 6 weeks with no maintenance - great for an event or upcoming holiday.

treatment areas

Lash curl to the upper lashes & a high quality tint to both upper & lower lashes.

treatment time

Elleebana Lash Lift takes only 45 minutes!

patch test required?

No patch test required for lash curl but there is a 48 hour patch test for a tint if required.

recommended Course

The Ellebana Lash Lift lasts up to 6 weeks with no maintenance. Repeat treatment every 6 weeks if desired.

before your treatment

For best results we strongly recommend that no mascara should be worn the day of your treatment. Please do NOT arrive wearing mascara on your lashes.

risks and complications

No under 16's, under 18's need to be with a chaperone. Pregnancy and 6 months post birth. All eye Infections. Recent eye surgery. 6 weeks after semi permanent make-up.

Elleebanna Lash Lift Before After


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