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Fiji Skin Clinic Nouveau Lash Extensions

nouveau lashes

individual eyelash extensions

Create bold, beautiful eyes with gorgeous lashes within 45-60 minutes. Perfect for a special occasion or holiday without the need to infill. Simply remove again in 2 weeks and replace again if desired.

Our Express Lashes are bespoke to each individual client. So whether you are looking for a subtle enhancement or full evening glamour, you can create a look to suit you and your lifestyle.

For long eyelashes that look fuller with more volume try award winning Nouveau Lashes. Fake lashes or false eyelashes are not terms used for Nouveau as the quality of the lash is exception. They are so light you will not feel them on this makes the lashes extremely comfortable to wear.  

For an even more dramatic look add a lash tint too! Nouveau’s eyelash dye is stronger than normal eye lash tint so your tint will last longer than normal.

Following a personalised consultation in person or over the phone, your Nouveau lash technician will apply either Individual Lash Extensions or Lash Fillers (also known as cluster lashes) to create instant gorgeous lashes.

Fiji Skin Clinic Nouveau Lash Extensions

INDIVIDUAL Lash Extensions

Individual Eyelash Extensions are the most popular Express Lash treatment. These lashes are bespoke for each client where we offer a large variety of curls, lengths and thickness. These lashes may take approx 45 minutes to apply depending on style.

Fiji Skin Clinic Nouveau Lash Fillers

Lash Fillers/Cluster LASHES

Eyelash Fillers are also known as cluster lashes and party lashes. They
are perfect for an even more glamorous and fuller appearance. They last between 7-10 days if you follow the recommended aftercare routine. These lashes take approx 30 minutes to apply depending on style

Fiji Skin Clinic Nouveau Striplashes

Strip Lashes

A selection of Nouveau Strip lashes are also available to purchase in the salon to create an instant effect that lasts a day but can be used multiple times. These can be cut and fitted in the salon if required complimentary.

During a Nouveau Lash treatment your technician will provide aftercare guidance. To achieve the maximum results from your lash treatment it is essential that you follow the relevant aftercare advice. This is also stated below.

N.B. Following the correct aftercare is key to not only keeping your lashes looking fantastic but preventing any adverse reactions. If redness or irritation does occur, apply a damp cotton wool compress and contact the salon. If symptoms persist, consult a General Practitioner

For the first 48 hours after any Nouveau Lashes Extend treatment it’s important not to allow water to come in to contact with your individual lashes or lash fillers:

  • Do not sleep facing the pillow, this will separate the lashes causing them to bend upward & downward. For lash longevity, it is best to sleep on your back if possible.
  • When taking a shower avoid soaking your face & make sure the water isn’t steamy hot. Instead, wash your face by wiping under and over the eye area carefully. Use oil-free make-up remover with an ear bud to remove make-up.
  • Do not use standard or waterproof mascara on your lashes as this will cause the lashes to clump. Nouveau Mascara is available to purchase in the salon if you desire a more dramatic look.
  • Only use oil-free make-up remover if Nouveau Mascara is worn.
  • Avoid stretching your eye area when applying eye-liner or eyeshadow as this will separate your lashes.
  • To ensure longevity of your lashes please avoid steaming your face, steam baths, swim underwater at length.
  • Do not attempt to perm or use lash curlers.
  • Do not rub your eyes when washing your face – always pat the lashes dry after cleansing.
  • Ensure lashes are not manipulated into different positions (e.g. when sleeping, cleansing the face, applying moisturiser or cosmetics)

Do not attempt to remove your Individual Lash Extensions at home unless you have purchased the Nouveau Lash Remover. This is available to purchase in the salon for £10 which can be used to remove multiple sets of lashes.

Professional lash removal is required to ensure no damage to your natural lashes.

We always recommend that Individual Lash Extensions are removed in the salon or at home with the Nouveau Lash Remover between 10-14 days to avoid damaging your natural lashes.

Lash Fillers

We also advise that Lash Fillers are removed in the salon or at home with the Nouveau Lash Remover between 7-10 days to avoid damaging your natural lashes.


what is it

Look and feel more glamourous with Nouveau false lashes. Nouveau have been voted the best eyelash extensions!


With lash extensions eyes appear bigger and wider. Instant results which last for upto 2 weeks. For a more dramtic look we recommend a lash tint first easpecially if your hair is fair.

treatment areas

Top lashes

patch test required?

No patch test required for lashes but there is a 48 hour patch test for a tint if required.

treatment time

30 - 60 minutes dependant on style and tint.

before your treatment

For best results we strongly recommend that no mascara should be worn the day of your treatment.
Please do NOT arrive wearing mascara on your lashes.

recommended Course

Express eyelash extension removal should be done every 2 weeks and replaced if desired.


Lashes must be kept dry for 48 hours. Only waterproof mascara should be worn if necessary. See caring for your lash extensions above for full details.

risks and complications

No under 16's, under 18's need to be with a chaperone. Pregnancy and 6 months post birth. All eye Infections. Recent eye surgery. 6 weeks after semi permanent make-up.

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