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Reduce, tone and tighten your body today with our Body Sculpting treatments designed to target stubborn areas that the gym can't reach.


Why Have Body Sculpting?

Feeling good within our own skin is essential for well-being. There are many reasons why we may put on weight such as pregnancy, injury, lifestyle, lockdowns and medications etc. The challenge we have is that even when the weight has been lost there may be that last stubborn area where the fat just won't budge. It's also really common to be left with loose skin which can be as distressing as the weight gain in the beginning.

This is where the Lipofirm Pro helps as we can do a full body treatment or spot treat areas of concern. It treats the following concerns at the same time.

  • It breaks down fat to create inch loss

  • It tones and exercises the muscles which instant lifts and tightens which also helps lymphatic drainage for improving cellulite

  • Radio Frequency Tightens collagen fibres and stimulates new collagen and elastin to tighten skin and reduce cellulite for weeks post-treatment.

What happens during Body Contouring?

We offer a free consultation and trial of the Lipofirm Pro so clients can experience it before purchasing a course. 


Glycerol is applied to the skin to allow the handpiece to glide effortlessly across the skin. The handpiece stimulates the muscles to contract which can be felt during the treatment. The handpiece feels warm on the skin from the radiofrequency. Both Radio Frequency Settings and the DMA microcurrent settings can be increased and decreased for client comfort and results.


The LP Bum Lift

The bum lift, instantly lifts and contours the buttocks leaving the area firmer and more toned after one treatment. The bum lift will also reduce the appearance of cellulite providing a smoother, defined and dimple free appearance. It's the equivalent of doing thousands of squats each treatment.

The LP Cellulite Eraser (Legs)

An ideal treatment targeting unwanted toxins in the body by breaking down the fatty deposits we call cellulite. The LP cellulite eraser reduces the appearance of cellulite by enhancing and stimulating blood circulation, oxygenation, and lymphatic drainage. Even though this treatment will decrease the cellulite it will also provide an instant lift, tone and contour to the area providing a smooth and tighter appearance. Due to the nature of the fat in the thigh area, there is not significant inch loss however it reduces the appearance of cellulite and smoothes the skin.

The LP Tummy Tuck

This treatment tones the abdomen area and breaks down excess fat creating instant inch loss, whilst stimulating the muscles to improve core strength. This contouring treatment also promotes new natural collagen and elastin formation to tighten the loose skin on the abdomen area. It's the equivalent of doing thousands of sit-ups each treatment. Perfect for post-pregnancy as muscles are toned and skin is tightened.

The LP Arm Toner

Perfect to reduce loose skin and bingo wings, the muscles are toned and the skin is tightened.

The LP Muffin Top or Back

Muffin tops and or the back can be really stubborn areas to reduce the fat. The Lipofirm Pro breaks down the fat and tightens the skin to contour your body and create inch loss.


If you have any underlying health condition and or are taking any medications other than the contraceptive pill please email to seek advice and treatment suitability before booking.

Before your treatment

Eat a healthy diet and drink 2.5 litres daily

On the day, please do not apply any body lotions as this can cause the glycerol to separate and the hand piece to glide less efficiently.

After your treatment

Eat a healthy diet

Drink 2.5 litres daily

Introduce skin specific supplements to help support your body’s changes

Use skincare to help contour your body

For Best Results

8-10 treatments, once per week.

Skin Type
Fitzpatrick 1-6