IPL Vascular & Pigment Removal

At Fiji Skin Clinic we use the very latest technology & have the latest edition of the Lynton Lumina to provide you with the very best & effective treatments! The Lynton Lumina is medical grade & certified by the NHS.

IPL treatments use several different wavelengths of light to target a variety of skin complaints/damaged tissue that are a result of ageing, lifestyle and sun damage.

Over time these create an uneven skin tone and can be split into the following two categories, pigmentation & vascular.

Pigmented lesions can be successfully removed from the face creating a more flawless, youthful and glowing
appearance. We also treat areas of the body too, popular areas clients treat are backs of hands, neck and chest.

Examples of imperfections we can treat for you are: Pigment, Sunspots, Age spots, Sun damage, Brown spots & Freckles.

We also provide long term solutions to facial concerns such as red flushing and red spots in just a few quick easy treatments.

Examples of skin imperfections that we can treat for you are: Thread veins, Spider veins, Red veins, Broken capillaries, Redness, Rosacea, Blood spots, Port wine stains & Acne.

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Free Observ Skin Analysis

FREE Observ Skin Analysis

During your initial consultation we offer Observ Skin Analysis to enable us to really discover the underlying factors that may be effecting the qulaity, look and feel of your skin.

The Skin Analysis images also provide us with before and after photos of your treatments. During this consultation your practitioner will discuss any concerns you may have and will beable to recommend a treatment plan. At this time, if your skin is suitable, your practitioner will perform a small patch test on each area that will be treated. 

We will also offer you the option to have unlimited Observ Skin Analysis to monitor the progress of your treatment and show you the true results with detailed images of the deeper layers of your skin so you have a record of your skin journey. Learn More about the FREE Observ Skin Analysis

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