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Radio Frequency Micro Needling

Our device is the latest medical device and was only launched in the UK early 2021 with up to date technology and ground breaking results.

This treatment combines two of the most effective treatments on the market in one advanced device. Radio Frequency is renowned for its skin tightening capabilities and Mirco Needling has unbelievable results for improving texture and rejuvenating the skin. In the treatment tiny needles that are charged with radio frequency the whole length of the needle, create tiny microscopic holes which initiate a healing response. As the needles are charged with radiofrequency it means the RF can get deeper into the dermal layers making it even more effective. Remarkably due to the advanced technology this is relatively pain free, has little to no down time and requires no anaesthetic!



A light vacuum sucks up a small section of skin and painlessly the device administers ultra fine needles that create tiny holes in the skin to initiate a wound healing response, where new collagen and elastin is stimulated.

What makes our RF micro needling so different is that it has a vacuum suction on the hand piece to allow for a safer more precise treatment over loose skin and around the eyes. This suction also allows for deeper penetration of the radio frequency to maximise the results. At the touch of a button the needle depth can be adjusted from .5mm to 4mm in .5 increments for effective use on the face and body. This means that every treatment is tailored to each client's concerns. The more of the concern the deeper we can go where required.

What does it do?

Radiofrequency micro needling is a relatively pain free cosmetic procedure that combines two treatments in one. It uses tiny needles that are charged with radiofrequency to completely rejuvenate facial skin. The treatment creates a controlled skin injury using heat and microscopic holes. The damage stimulates the growth of healthy new skin collagen and elastin. This benefits skin concerns like acne scars, loose skin, marionette lines, nasal labial folds, crows feet, fine lines and wrinkles.


Results will last for up to one year when using our medical device. As with all treatments we generally recommend a few treatments close together as part of a course before going onto an annual maintenance plan.


In the beginning a few treatments may be recommended 3-4 weeks apart. The more consistent your treatment is, the quicker your results will be. For most clients they are able to maintain their results with annual top up maintenance treatments.


RF Microneedling is one of the most effective skin-tightening treatments available to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Our medical device is so precise we can comfortably treat close around the eyes, mouth and cheeks. RF Microneedling also improves skin texture whilst reducing pore size, acne scars and stretch marks.

More Details

What is required of me for Radio Frequency Micro Needling Treatments?

A full consultation and photos are required before Radio Frequency & Micro Needling. During the consultation treatment areas and areas of concern are established. These areas may vary from a Full Face & Neck, Full Face, Neck, Forehead, Jawline, Half Face and Eye Lift. We can treat as little or as much as you would like.

Is Radio Frequency RF Microneedling better than Microneedling?

The heat produced during radiofrequency stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin. It results in more effective and enhanced tightening of the skin especially when combined with micro needling. This means that RF microneedling is much better than the traditional microneedling.

Is Microneedling with RF worth it?

RF Microneedling is a complete game changer for skin rejuvenation. It creates huge results with little to no downtime! The generation of new collagen and elastin -rich tissue tightens skin, reduces acne scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and fine lines. It improves the overall texture and appearance of your skin too and will allow deeper penetration of your products too