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What Fitzpatrick Skin Type Am I?

The Fitzpatrick skin scale was developed in 1975 and is used to this day as a simple way of classifying different skin tones. As Aesthetic Practitioners the Fitzpatrick scale is very important as the classification will depend on which types of treatments are suitable for each client.

The scale classifies skin in 6 types based on the colour of the skin, sun damage and how the skin responds to the sun.

Skin Type 1: Ivory- white skin, always freckles, always burns, never tans.

E.g: Celtic fair skin

Skin Type 2: Fair- pale skin, usually freckles, often burns, rarely tans.

E.g: Northern European skin

Skin Type 3: Fair- beige skin with golden undertone, sometimes burns, sometimes tans.

E:g: Southern European skin

Skin Type 4: Olive- light brown skin, tans, rarely burns.

E.g: Middle eastern, fairer Asian skin

Skin Type 5: Darker shade of brown skin, always tans, never burns.

E.g: Darker Asian skin

Skin Type 6: Very dark/ darkest shade of brown, always tans, never burns.

E.g: Afro-Caribbean skin

Why is Fitzpatrick Important?

The Fitzpatrick scale must be used to enable us to treat clients skin safely and avoid negative responses such as hyper pigmentation or burns.

Skin Type 1 has the least amount of melanin, therefore will heat up least so higher energies can be used.

Skin Types 4-6 have more melanin so need to be treated with caution or not at all with certain laser treatments.

For darker skin tones we can safely treat skin concerns with peels and laser resurfacing which are suitable for all Fitzpatrick 1-6. All our skin supplements and skin care products are all suitable for skin of colour.

Here at our Fiji Skin Clinic we can treat all skin of colour safely whether it's with skin treatments or skin care products. Depending on a person's skin tone and skin concern will determine which treatment protocol we recommend.

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