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What is fractional Radio Frequency Micro-Needling?

Fractional RF micro-needling uses ultra fine needles to create tiny punctures in the skin, this stimulates your collagen and elastin fibres in a non-traumatic wound healing response. Our focus Dual device, combines brand new technology with a use of vacuum suction to allow deeper and more precise penetration of the needles into the skin. Our Radio Frequency microneedling uses an insulated tip that allows the radio frequency to be delivered in a much more controlled manner through the entire needle, where older devices can only deliver the Radio Frequency energy to the tip of the needle which increases the pain during the treatment and elevates the risk of burning and bleeding.

What skin concerns can you treat with fractional RF micro-needling?

This treatment is great for anyone suffering with acne scarring, scarring, open or large pores, stretch marks and uneven skin texture. The device is perfect for anyone looking to improve their overall skin tone and texture, as well as a concern with ageing and skin laxity.

The machine works by combining two effective treatments in one, as Microneedling allows for better penetration and radio frequency being delivered through the micro-needles will stimulate the collagen regeneration, resulting in a plumper, firmer skin tone and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Is the Focus Dual RF micro-needling better than micro-needling?

Yes. Our RF microneedling is an innovative new technology that combines the effects of traditional microneedling with the incredible powers of targeted radio frequency that will overall achieve better results by treating skin concerns and regenerating the skin own structure.

Traditional Microneedling is painful and leaves you with significant downtime from bleeding during treatment and swelling in the areas. Our RF micro-needling will ultimately give you a much better result with little to no downtime due to its unique vacuum suction technology and fully insulated tips. What does this mean? When performing the RF Microneedling, our machine lightly sucks up small sections of the skin to administer the microneedle safely and deeply into the skin, in a much more controlled manner lowering the pain felt during treatment. The radio Frequency then runs the entire length of the needle and so cautorises the micro wounds resulting in little to no bleeding and minor inflammation. The side effects of our RadioFrequency Microneedling are more collagen, more elastin, plumper/firmer skin and a more even complexion.

How many treatments do i need?

The number of sessions you will need will very much depend on YOUR concerns, YOUR end goal and YOUR desire for results.

During your initial consultation we will assess your skin, your goals and your desired outcome in order to establish a plan that is right for YOU.

We do advise that most people will need 3-5 sessions, however this could change depending on the severity of your concern and area being treated.

Is there any downtime?

Unlike other forms of micro-needling you won't get a lot of downtime with this treatment, this is due to insulated tips being used. Our Focus Dual device is also the first and only device with the vacuum suction technology that allows us to precisely deliver the needles to the correct level for treatment of your concerns. The heat from the RF is generated along the full length of the needle giving a better thermal effect and as a result there is little to no bleeding, little to no swelling and no lasting damage. You may experience slight pinkness to the face initially after treatment, just like any other facial but this will settle within an hour or two.

Is this similar to the treatment Judy Murray had?

Yes, Morpheus 8 is a fractional RF Microneedling device however uses older technology. Our Focus Dual RF Microneedling device is the first and only machine that uses brand new technology to increase the comfort of the treatment and decrease the downtime following it.

The Focus Dual has two distinct differences to Morpheus 8, the first being the delivery of the RadioFrequency power and the second being the delivery of the needles.

1. Our device has an Insulated tip which means the radiofrequency energy is delivered the entire length of the needle hitting every layer of the skin for a more controlled thermal reaction, better skin tightening and better overall result from the treatment. Unlike its competitors on the market, the way the radiofrequency is delivered by the Focus Dual device does not damage the surrounding tissue, meaning less downtime and significantly more comfortable treatment. When opting for Morpheus 8 you are advised you will need pain relief and analgesics to be able to cope with the trauma caused during the treatment. With our device, you will not need any pain relief.

2. Focus dual uses specially developed vacuum suction technology that allows the needles to penetrate safely, painlessly and more accurately through the skins layers. all other RD Microneedling devices do not benefit from this technology and so making these devices painful and causing more trauma and downtime for you as a patient.

The focus dual treatments are a better and more affordable option to its competitors on the market and will allow you to achieve results you didn't think were possible!

Who can have this treatment?

Any skin type and concern can have RadioFrequency Microneedling treatments.

We can perform the treatment on all fitzpatrick skin types 1-6!

If your concern is textural problems, scarring, congestion or you would like to just rejuvenate, lift, tone and tighten your skin then this is the perfect treatment for you!

Can fractional RF micro-needling treat lip lines?

Yes! The RadioFrequency Microneedling is a great way of targeting fine lines, wrinkles and collagen degradation in any small, traditionally sensitive areas. We can adjust our needle depth between 0.5-4mm depths at increments of 0.5mm at a time; unlike machines such as Morpheus 8 and other Microneedling devices on the market that do not have the capabilities to treat at all these depths. Our tips are small enough to target hard to reach areas such as upper lip and eye area, and with the added benefit of being the only RadioFrequency Microneedling device on the market with the innovative vacuum suction technology too, we can safely and painlessly deliver the needles to the right depth to ensure you are getting the best and most effective treatment possible.