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What is the Difference Between Micro needling and Radio Frequency Micro needling?

Micro needling is where tiny needles are punctured into the skin to cause trauma. This stimulates more collagen and elastin over time. Micro needling is one of the hottest treatments of 2021 as it has so many benefits whilst being suitable for all skin types. You may have seen the astonishing results Judy Murray achieved from Radio Frequency Micro Needling.

What is the difference between radio-frequency micro needling and micro needling?

Radio-frequency (RF) is where heat is generated in the skin to create thermal damage. This stimulates more collagen and elastin lifting and firming the skin on the face or body. At Fiji our RF Micro Needling and LP Facelifts are the most popular treatments due to the results clients experience immediately after treatment which also improve over time.

The Focus Dual is cutting edge equipment as it combines two treatments in just one application. 25 micro needles are punctured into the skin each time which are charged with radio-frequency. Whilst getting the trauma from the micro needles, clients also experience the more thermal damage from the radio-frequency.

Is radio-frequency micro needling worth it?

The radio-frequency has the added benefit as the heat cauterises the skin which reduces bleeding and any risk of infection. This also means that there is zero downtime to this treatment, clients can experience this treatment during the lunch hour. Over time it is very unlikely traditional micro needling will be around as there are so many added benefits to combining radio-frequency and micro needling together.

In a fast-paced world client are looking to save time during treatments so by being able to combine a radiofrequency treatment along with a micro needling treatment is the ultimate experience which will give double the results.

Does RF micro needling hurt?

The Focus Dual is the latest in radio-frequency micro needling technology. This means that there is no anaesthetic cream required prior to treatment. There are 25 ultrafine needles which are punctured into the skin painlessly. The reason why it’s a pain free is that there is a vacuum on the device which sucks the skin into the applicator before puncturing the skin with 25 needles. There is currently no other device on the market with this feature which creates a pain-free, blood free experience.

What is micro needling radio frequency good for

Micro needling performed in the clinic allows practitioners to go much deeper than any derma roller home devices. RF Micro needling is really good for generating new collagen and elastin which creates a smoother firmer more toned skin. Micro needling rf is exceptional at treating scarring, acne scars tightening skin stretch marks open paws fine lines and wrinkles. Micro needling can be used on the face or the body, our device is unique as we can alter the depth of the needle at the press of a button. This allows optimal an treatment and results. For example we would use a smaller needle around the delicate eye area compared to treating around the mouth area where we would use a longer needle.

What age is good for micro needling

From the age of 25 our collagen and elastin production starts to decline between 1 to 2% per year. Micro needling radio frequency from your mid 20s is very good for stimulating more collagen and elastin to slow the ageing process and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. At this age Micro needling is very good for treating acne scarring. We can treat the full face or we can just treat single areas where there may be acne scars such as ice pick scars or box scars.

Micro needle radio-frequency is the ultimate treatment for all anti-ageing concerns. Having regular radio-frequency micro needling throughout the year will significantly tighten the skin and reduce large pores that we experience as we age and collagen declines.

This will allow to make-up to sit more evenly on the skin and create that no filter look. It’s the ultimate non-surgical skin tightening solution whilst creating smooth skin

How long does it take to see results from Micro needling

Radio-frequency micro needling instantly triggers the bodies wound healing response for complete skin rejuvenation. Due to the radio-frequency there is instant tightening of collagen fibres to. This means that results are seen immediately however the most dramatic results are experienced 4 to 6 weeks post treatment when more collagen.

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