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IPL Acne Treatment

Why Have IPL Acne Treatment?

Acne can often cause stress and a lack of self-confidence at all ages.

IPL reduces acne breakouts and reduces post-inflammatory pigmentation and post-inflammatory erythema to create a more even skin texture. IPL Laser targets the blood supply to the sebaceous gland which reduces oil and sebum production which in turn reduces acne breakouts. IPL also helps to stimulate collagen production within the skin which will help to heal spots and improve the texture of the skin. It will also help to reduce the redness associated with acne as the light will target the haemoglobin (blood) and cauterise it underneath the skin. This creates a more even skin tone.


Is IPL good for acne?

Clinical trials using IPL have been used to treat acne vulgaris. Elman et al. [4] treated 19 patients with Intense Pulsed Light treatments and showed that 85% of the individuals had a >50% improvement in their acne vulgaris lesions following once-weekly therapy over 4 weeks.

Does IPL Laser cause acne?

After IPL acne and breakouts may appear to get slightly worse before they get better. This is because there is no back door for the skin and the congestion needs to be drawn out of the skin to clear it. The IPL actually assists the healing process and even reduces any post-inflammatory pigmentation too.

How does IPL cure acne?

IPL energy creates heat which sterilises and reduces sebum/oil production. It helps to normalise the P-Acne bacteria on the skin's surface and reduce the inflammation of the acne-causing bacteria. The Laser Light therapy also stimulates collagen and elastin which is great for helping prevent and repair acne scarring. We combine this IPL facial with a peel to exfoliate and sterilize the skin before the treatment for even faster results. By reducing the oil flow, sterilizing the skin and reducing inflammation we are reducing the risk of hyperpigmentation which can cause acne scarring and marks semi-permanent markings on the skin.

Does IPL kill acne bacteria?

IPL treatments can quickly dry up acne by killing the acne bacteria deep in the skin which reduces the inflammation. It has the added benefit of reducing redness caused by breakouts and unwanted post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and post-inflammatory Erythema (PIE) around active acne as well as acne scars.

Does IPL remove acne scars?

IPL Photo Facials stimulate a healing response in the skin that reduce scarring from acne especially if it's recent scarring. For older scars or deeper ice pick scars etc, we would recommend our medical RF Micro-Needling.

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