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IPL Treatment for Pigmentation

Why Have IPL Treatment for Pigmentation?

Pigmentation gets worse as we age and is caused by lifestyle, medication, hormones, acne, acne scars and sun damage.

Pigmentation treatment Birmingham
Pigmentation treatment

Pigmentation can be difficult to cover with makeup but it can easily be removed creating a more flawless, even complexion even without makeup. Examples of imperfections that can be treated are: Pigmentation, Liver Spots, Sunspots, Age spots, sun damage, Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation (PIH), Post Inflammatory Hyper Erythema (PIE) Brown spots & Freckles.

We also treat areas of the body too, popular areas clients treat are the backs of hands, neck and chest.


Does IPL get rid of pigmentation?

IPL is an excellent fast effective treatment for reducing the appearance of pigmentation conditions. Common pigmentation concerns treated are age spots, liver spots, brown spots, sun spots, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), post-inflammatory Erythema (PIE), birthmarks, freckles and sun damage.

How long does it take for brown spots to fade after IPL?

The most common (and expected) side effect of treating pigmentation is an immediate darkening of the more superficial brown spots. This darkening of the pigmentation will flake off after about 7-14 days and lighten. Treatments are repeated until the pigmentation is gone.

Do brown spots come back after IPL?

Brown spots that have been removed with IPL treatment may come back months or years later. This does not mean the treatment did not work, it may mean that the client had not been applying SPF every day which would trigger more melanin to be produced again. Pregnancy and hormonal changes induced by medications may also affect it pigmentation marks gradual return As with all treatments we always recommend top-up maintenance treatments annually.

Can IPL make brown spots worse?

IPL is safe when done by a trained practitioner using a medical NHS Laser as we do. Pigmentation only initially gets worse post-treatment as the IPL break the pigment up in the skin where it gently flakes off. As long as a thorough consultation is done and medical history is recorded there is no risk of making dark spots worse long term. We definitely would not recommend anyone with Melasma, this is where we recommend Obagi Medical Skincare to achieve the same results in a similar time scale.

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