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IPL Photofacial & Peel

This IPL Photofacial is known as the Illumi facial, its clinic favourite as it starts with an acid peel to deeply exfoliate and decongest the skin before treating the rest of the skin concerns with IPL all in one treatment.

It uses both IPL handpieces to treat pigmentation, sun damage, broken red veins, open pores, spider veins, redness, acne, rosacea etc before it finishes with a full face of new collagen stimulation to reduce fine lines and improve skin texture.

What happens during IPL Treatment and peel

Step 1 Cleanse:

Step 2 Glycolic, Mandelic & Salicylic Peel:

Step 3 Skin Rejuvenation:

Step 4 Pigmentation Removal:

Step 5 Spider Vein Removal:

Step 6 Hydate & Protect

Illumi IPL & Peel overview


Can I do IPL after a chemical peel?

We recommend our chemical peel immediately before your IPL treatment for maximum results. When the skin has gently exfoliated the light from the IPL will penetrate better and you will notice a better result and products will penetrate deep too.

Do you peel after IPL?

As the skin heals after treating pigmentation it may start to dry out and peel a little. Apply moisturizing cream in the morning and at night to hydrate the skin.

Which is the better choice IPL or chemical peel?

Why choose? We recommend both on the same day to get the result of both treatments. They complement each other perfectly!! Naturally, we are all fully trained and there are a specific peel and protocol that is used.

Can I use glycolic acid after IPL?

We advise that clients wait 5 – 7 days post-treatment before using glycolic acid, salicylic acid, Retinol, tretinoin etc. If you are unsure just message us and or double-check your aftercare sheet.

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