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Skincare Advice

Why have Laser Resurfacing for the Body?

After weight loss, pregnancy or surgery clients can be left with stretch marks, scars and loose skin.

Our medical Laser is one of the most advanced treatments available that resurfaces your entire skin improving overall tone and texture. The bonus is that it's suitable for all skin types from Fitzpatrick 1-6!

What happens during Laser Resurfacing for the Body

The treatment uses an Erbium:Yag Laser to create tiny thermal holes in the skin stimulating a healing process and a deep ‘peel like’ effect. The laser feels hot during the treatment but this subsides 60 mins post-treatment. Clients are advised to go straight home after the treatment and remain cool and relax. For 5-7 days post-treatment the old dead skin peels off revealing the softest, smoothest skin you have experienced in years.

What's The Difference Between IPL & Fractional Laser?

Which Skin & Hair Types can be Treated?

Soprano Ice Platinum is able to treat ALL skin types from Fitzpatrick Scale I-VI (very pale skin to black skin). Lasers can treat all hair as long as there is pigment (colour). There aren’t any lasers that are able to treat grey or red hairs as there is little or no pigment available for the laser to focus on. We still always recommend consultations for fair-haired clients. With our unique laser if the hair is blond, but the hair bulb is light brown, the treatment will still be effective, we will do a patch test to prove it!

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