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6th Mar 2023

Laser Hair Removal Versus IPL Hair Removal

How Does Laser Hair Removal compare with IPL Hair Removal?

There are many differences between laser & IPL hair removal which will be discussed in this post. At Fiji Skin Clinic we offer both laser hair removal and Medical IPL hair removal. 95%  of our clients will always go for laser over IPL hair removal for the following reasons.

The Difference Between Laser Hair Removal & IPL Hair Removal

Which Hair Removal Treatment is Most Suitable for Skin Of Colour?

We have the world’s number one Laser which is the latest model, the Soprano Ice Titanium. The reason why it is superior over other Lasers & IPL hair removal is because it can safely treat all skin of colour. This also means that we can treat clients with active tans however, it is not possible to treat over fake tan. With traditional Laser & IPL it is not possible to treat clients that have been in the sun in the last 4 to 6 weeks.

This means that your hair removal course must be stopped if you go on sunbeds or each sunny holiday you go on. If you get a sun tan it will take much longer to experience hair free and smoother skin. Hair removal will also be less effective when courses are not performed at the optimum six weeks the body and four weeks to face. This is because hair is only destroyed when it’s in its active growing stage so the times of when you get your hair removal treatments is essential. It’s not a problem if you have breaks in your course, it just means that you may need a top up treatment.

With the Soprano Ice Titanium, we can safely treat 48 hours after sun exposure. The laser is that safe we can treat clients between 30 to 45 minutes after the patch test depending on the skin Fitzpatrick . With IPL & traditional laser you need to wait 7 days after your patch test before your treatments can start.

With the Soprano Ice Titanium there is much less risk of burns compared to traditional laser and IPL which also means that there is far less risk of any hyperpigmentation. IPL hair removal is not suitable for all skin of colour.

Laser Hair Removal Versus IPL Hair Removal

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt More Than IPL?

The Soprano Ice Titanium is pain free which also makes it a lot more safe than traditional laser and IPL hair removal systems. It has a sapphire iced tip which cools the skin as the area is treated.

The majority of other lasers & IPL systems can be painful depending on pain threshold. People describe it as hot fat been splattered at the skin or being flicked with elastic bands. This is the reason why Soprano Ice Titanium is so much more popular is because its pain-free.

Is Laser Hair Removal More Effective Than IPL Hair Removal?

Traditional hair removal only uses one wavelength to target the hair. The Soprano Ice Titanium uses three wavelengths simultaneously to treat the hair at different levels at different stages. This is why the Soprano Ice Titanium is superior over the majority of other hair removal systems.

The effectiveness from IPL all depends on the power of the IPL system. Traditionally IPL has had a bad reputation as you can purchase a poor quality IPL hair removal system from the High Street. These systems made for home use are not effective whatsoever and should not be compared to a medical grade IPL device like the one we have. We have the same IPL device which is currently used on the NHS today. This means that the power of it is very high and it is extremely effective at removing hair even when it’s fine and lighter in colour.

With any hair removal systems, it’s the training and experience of the technician which is as important as the power of the laser/device. At Fiji Skin Clinic we regularly do refresher training and ongoing advanced training for practitioners in all treatments that we specialise in. This means that you have complete peace of mind and reassurance that you will achieve the results that you desire in a safe manner.

Both Laser & IPL are semi permanent hair removal. Many clinics advertise permanent hair removal which is misleading to clients. During treatments hair follicles are destroyed for good however, in time new hair follicles may be stimulated and grow. This means that clearance may be achieved after a course of treatments but if a client develops Polycystic ovaries  (PCOS) or falls pregnant then new hair may start to grow. This is because hair is stimulated by hormones. 

Is Laser Hair Removal Faster Than IPL Hair Removal?

Titanium Laser Hair is the latest and fastest device that has been released to date. Our Laser was upgraded from the Soprano Ice Platinum in March 2023. This laser hand piece is twice the size of the previous Soprano Ice Platinum laser. This means that it significantly reduces treatment time for the client. There is no need to be in clinic for two hours or more having a full body laser hair removal treatment done as before.

In comparison IPL is much slower than laser hair removal even when being performed by an experience practitioner.

Which Is A Safer Treatment?

Due to the type of laser we use there are fewer risks compared to traditional laser hair removal and IPL hair removal. The Soprano Ice Titanium has a sapphire iced tip which cools the skin during the treatment. This reduces burns, blistering and or hyperpigmentation. The Soprano Ice Titanium is documented to be one of the safest lasers on the market.

There are much higher risks with traditional laser and IPL so the experience of the practitioner, thorough pre & post aftercare are essential. Risks are burns which could blister scar and or hyper pigment.

Number Of Sessions Needed

We would always recommend a course of eight with both laser hair removal and IPL hair removal. This is because the hair can only be treated in its active/growing stage. Top ups are also required in time as new hair is stimulated by hormones, stress, pregnancy, PCOS etc. A course of hair removal takes a full year to complete so we recommend you start in advance of your hair free goal!


We offer interest free payment plans so that you can spread your payment too. Book a patch test today! The £25 booking deposit is fully redeemable against your laser treatment or course.

We treat both ladies and gents in clinic.


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