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18th Apr 2024

The Best Timeline for Pre-Wedding Acne Skin Treatments

How Long Does Acne Skin Treatment Take?

For optimum results we recommend a client start their treatment minimum of 5-6 months before the event.

This may sound a long time however the surface of your skin is constantly being replace by new skin. When we treat the cause of acne this promotes more healthy skin to be generated deep down. It takes many weeks for this new clearer skin to reach the surface and fully replace the problem skin. In this blog we explain more.

Causes of Breakouts

The challenge we have with acne prone skin is finding the root cause of the breakouts. There are six causes of breakouts, which are:

1) hormones

2) gut health

3) excess oil

4) excess skin cells

5) bacteria

6) possible food intolerance or allergies.

In clinic we help support with all six breakout causes, including the blood analysis for intolerances & allergies. In our experience through scanning client’s skin, we find that breakouts are not caused by ‘dirty’ skin that is covered with excess oil and or bacteria. The main cause of breakouts is generally an imbalance of hormones internally which no skincare can reach or treat.

Treatment of Acne Breakouts

For the fastest and long term clearance for breakouts we would naturally treat all 6 causes of breakouts at the same time. However, if we have plenty of time before the event or are working with a budget, we would always start off with our internal skin supplements. These would help balance hormones and promote gut health to clear skin from within. We can also recommend cosmeceutical skincare, medical prescription skincare & various skin treatments such as laser acne treatments, peels, hydrafacials, acne scarring laser treatment, Dermalux LED Red Light Therapy etc.. It just depends on each client on where they would like to start.

Many doctors prescribed antibiotics to clear acne or give antibiotic creams to apply topically. We regularly hear from our clients that these generally haven’t worked. This is because the bacteria is not causing the breakouts. Antibiotics do not balance hormones, they kill all bacteria. This includes the good friendly bacteria that is essential for immunity and well-being. There should be caution taking any antibiotics (even short term) as this can also make skin worse longer term. Antibiotics can effect your own natural immune system in the whole body. They can even cause thrush which is a fungal infection caused by an over growth of yeast. It’s been well documented that you need a healthy gut Microbiome for healthy skin (Healthy Gut = Healthy Skin).

Treatment Process

During our skin consultations we scan the skin to see if there is excess oil and or bacteria. In the absence of excess oil and bacteria it would indicate that the breakouts are created by an imbalance in the hormones. Hormonal imbalances are more commonly seen in adults than you would imagine. To start your skin transformation and to have your skin scanned, contact the clinic on 0121 250 8482 or book your initial skin consultation on the link here

The £25 booking fee is redeemable against any treatment or products. Your 24 skin consultation images are also emailed over to you to keep. We recommend you rebook for your 1st review about 10 -12 weeks after your initial consultation. This will enable us to advise you of the next steps/protocol. As your skin clears, your regime will also be tweaked to ensure you maintain clearer skin and also save you some money.

If you have a special occasion such as a wedding, holiday or birthday we recommend that you start at least 5-6 months before the event. This is because there are 3 skin cycles that we need to go through. The skin that we see today is dead, there is literally no blood supply or lifeline to that skin. This means that there is nothing that we can do to improve it. We need to focus on the new baby skin cells that are born today in the deeper layers. It takes approx 18 weeks for the new skin cells that are born today to see daylight.

The three skin cycles:
  • 1-6 weeks – Dead skin is visible and is being treated, purging is most likely during this phase.
  • 7-12 weeks – Unhealthy skin is growing through and is visible.
  • 13-18 weeks – New healthy skin cells are born and reach daylight!

This is why we recommend client start their skin transformation a minimum of 5-6 months before the event. This is to get best optimum results as we can’t treat dead skin or speed up cellar changes. The skin is the largest organ of the body, but yet it’s the last organ to get any nutrition as its not essential for life. This is why we always recommend our high-quality skin supplements in combination with any skincare or skin treatments for optimum results. It’s well documented that our food supply is not as nutritious as it once was. They used to recommend five veg and fruit a day. However, more recent statistics recommend a minimum of 10 to 15 portions of vegetables and fruits a day.

Pre-Wedding Acne Skin Treatment

Your skin is constantly on show and you wear it every day. Our clients with clearer skin, report more self-confidence and experience greater well-being. Check out our google reviews and view our before and after photos on our Instagram Highlights. We love to help and support and always try and find a way for all budgets and busy diaries. We even offer monthly interest free payment plans for products and treatments.

If you need help or know of someone who needs support please forward this on or contact us directly.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Team Fiji :))

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