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Can Fractional Radio Frequency Micro Needling Treat Lip Lines?

Yes, this is a great treatment to reduce lip lines and other areas of the face, the focus Dual Medical device is not painful on sensitive areas either. Micro-needling with radiofrequency is a great option for skin tightening and resurfacing to treat fine lines and wrinkles with little to no downtime. Micro-needling causes a thermal damage to the skin which will stimulates new collagen and elastin reducing the lines and tightening the skin.

What is fractional RF Micro-Needling?

Fractional RF micro-needling uses ultra fine needles to create tiny punctures in the skin, this creates a wound healing response without damaging the top layer of the skin. The device also uses a vacuum suction which will allow a more precise, safer and deeper penetration of RF into the dermal layer of skin. RF stands for radio frequency, this is delivered directly into the deeper layers of skin. Heat is generated by RF energy which stimulates collagen and elastin to regenerate the skin.

What other skin concerns can you treat with fractional RF Micro-Needling?

In addition to fine lines and wrinkles this treatment is great for anyone suffering with acne scarring, scarring, open or large pores, stretch marks or would like to overall improve their skin tone and texture. As radio frequency is delivered through the micro-needles it'll also assist in collagen regeneration to lift, tightening and smoothing the skin.

Is RF Micro-Needling better than Micro-Needling?

Whilst both work in a similar way, RF micro-needling will ultimately give you a much better result. This is because of the radio frequency energy is delivered into the skin via tiny punctures which will stimulate the creation of growth factors, it'll also improve the production of collagen and elastin. The added benefit of RF energy is that it also heats the deeper layers of the skin which will enhance skin tightening further. Therefore a treatment that combines both micro-needling and radio frequency will overall give you better results by treating skin concerns and regenerating the skin.

How many treatments do i need?

Before going ahead with treatments we always carry out an in-depth consultation where we can assess your skin and give you an estimate on the number of treatments. Generally we always recommend at least three - six treatments, one every four weeks.

Is there any downtime?

Unlike other forms of micro-needling you won't any downtime, this is due to non insulated tips being used. The heat from the RF is generated along the full length of the needle giving a better thermal effect. As a result of this it also means there is less pin point bleeding as the blood coagulates. This is the only device that uses a vacuum suction which gives an accurate level of needle penetration giving you a more precise treatment and less downtime. You may have a slight redness to the face initially after treatment but this will settle within an hour or two.

Is this similar to the treatment Judy Murray had?

Yes the treatment is very similar to the Morpheus 8, however there are a couple of differences. The focus dual fractional RF micro-needling has the vacuum suction technology which not only makes the treatment more comfortable, it allows the needling to become more precise and a much more safer treatment to perform and receive. The focus dual also has more variance on needle depth too and requires no pain relief.

Who can have this treatment?

Any skin type from Fitzpatrick 1-6 and skin concern can have the fractional RF micro-needling treatment. If textural problems, scarring, congestion or you would like to just rejuvenate your skin then this is the perfect treatment for you!