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10th Mar 2023

Soprano Ice Titanium Versus Soprano Ice Platinum for Pain Free Laser Hair Removal

What is the difference between Soprano Ice Platinum and Soprano Ice Titanium?

Both the Soprano Ice Platinum and Soprano Ice Titanium are made by Alma Lasers and are extremely fast & effective in getting rid of unwanted hair. The Soprano Ice Platinum is the older version of the Soprano Ice Titanium. The technology is very similar but there are two key differences which make the Soprano Ice Titanium a better choice for the client to make. These two differences are faster treatment times and new technology to treat intimate areas more effectively.


Faster Safe Treatments

The main improvement in the Soprano Ice Titanium is that it is much faster hair removal especially on larger areas such as full legs, back, chest and arms. This is because it  has a larger laser window on the hand piece. The laser tip/window is twice the size on the Soprano Ice Titanium compared to the older Soprano Ice Platinum. This means that treatment times can be reduced by 50% on larger areas. This is a huge advantage as it means that full body treatments no longer take over 2 hours to complete. It means that clients can literally pop in during their lunch hour. They no longer have to use up precious time during the weekends or after work. 

The larger laser tip/window gives off extra cooling also which means the treatment is still pain-free and minimises the risks of burns and hyperpigmentation. This is especially crucial when treating skin of colour & tanned skin. Alma lasers are the worlds No1 and are the safest and most effective laser on the market, it has a 100% safety record. 

It’s important to note that areas cannot be treated which have any residue of fake tan on. We can treat if it’s a natural tan from sunbeds or holidays but never fake tan. With traditional laser and IPL hair removal clients must wait 4-6 weeks after sunbeds or holidays. This is because there are much higher risks of burns, blisters and hyperpigmentation with these lasers. This is what makes Soprano Ice lasers so different.

New Technology

Soprano Titanium also has a new stacking technology (SHR Stack) to use alongside the same ‘In-Motion’ technique used in the Soprano Ice Platinum. 

Soprano Ice Titanium hair removal Birmingham

Soprano Ice Titanium

SHR Stack

SHR stack delivers controlled amounts of heat into the hair follicles in shots while preventing damage to the skin. This technology allows us to treat really stubborn areas such as the lip, chin and labia more effectively than the Soprano Ice Platinum. This is still pain free as the sapphire iced tip instantly cools.


The In-Motion technique is the same in both lasers. It’s a sweeping motion which allows full coverage of the treatment area whilst cooling simultaneously. Both lasers still use the 3 different wavelengths (Yag, Diode & Alexandrite) to target different depths and structures of the hair follicle. By using all 3 wavelengths it achieves permanent hair reduction. Traditional lasers and IPL only use one wavelength.

Soprano Ice Laser is the oldest laser & not worth it

The oldest laser is just called the Soprano Ice, this laser was launched before the Soprano Ice Platinum and Soprano Ice Titanium. This laser has not been made in the last decade but there are still a number of clinics using them. The 3 main reasons why they are different is wavelengths, time and technology.

The Soprano Ice only has one single wavelength in the hand piece not 3 wavelengths that are simultaneously used in the Soprano Ice Platinum and Soprano Ice Titanium. This means  the Soprano Ice lasers are way less effective at destroying the hair follicles and results are disappointing.

Treatments are super slow using the Soprano Ice as the treatment window/tip is much smaller.

The Soprano Ice doesn’t have the new stacking technology either which means its also less effective treating hard to reach and stubborn areas such as the lip, bikini, labia etc


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