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7th Oct 2023

Would you wear your summer clothes in winter?

It’s becoming that time of year again with colder, darker nights & the heating is on at home. This means our skin needs will change and we need to consider adjusting our skincare/treatments to maintain glowing skin. The winter is the most harsh season to manage our skin through. Here are the main concerns clients experience


Do you find that even though you’re drinking 2+ litres of water everyday, your skin can still experience dryness? 

This is because as we approach winter months our ceramides decrease meaning we are much more prone to become drier & dehydrated.  Ceramides are like the mortar that holds bricks (skin cells)  together in a wall (skin).  This can play a huge role in why you may find you are not reaching your skin goals. Avoiding the dryness can be difficult & frustrating especially now we are around the corner from christmas celebrations. Who would want to wear makeup over the top of dry skin? 


Drinkles are wrinkles caused by dehydration through alcohol. We always recommend skin boosters to apply topically and take internally to plump out the skin and hydrate from inside out. Our skin supplements treat 80% of the skin over 100% of the entire body!

Retinoid Reactions

During colder spells you may experience redness, itching and flaking of the face & neck. This may be experienced even when you have not changed your skin routine at all. It’s not the products, it’s the weather..This is where we can help support you through these reactions. The worst thing you can do is stop your vitamin A/Retinol completely as it’s the most important vitamin for skin health. Vitamin A is the oxygen for skin! Just DM us, call, email or book a review. 


Late nights, rich foods, alcohol and stress all drive oil production up from within. This oil mixes with dead skin cells and creates bacteria whilst blocking pores. This creates blackheads, milia, congestion, dull skin and breakouts. Boosting your skin health right now will minimise any adverse responses. 

We advise 12 week skin reviews/ check ups with each season change to ensure we are achieving your skin goals. 

It takes 3 months for your healthy skin cells to come to the surface to reveal the glowing skin you have worked so hard to achieve. This is why we like to take progress photos every 3 months. Not only will you see beautiful skin in time for christmas but you will also save so much time & money by us taking away the guesswork. Plus you would receive HUGE savings from the Christmas boxsets! What’s holding you back?

In the clinic we are able to adapt the standard boxsets to suit your skin. For example we can change a lotion cleanser to a salicylic gel cleanser or a moisturising toner to a lactic acid toner. 

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