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IPL Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation

Our Medical IPL Laser uses several different wavelengths of light to dramatically clear the skin creating a more flawless finish even without make-up.

The IPL Light has specific wavelengths that target different skin concerns. For example, shorter wavelengths of light are used to treat the blood supply to the sebaceous gland which reduces oil and sebum production which in turn reduces acne breakouts. These shorter wavelengths are also effective at treating pigmentation, sun damage and getting rid of spider veins on the face.

To stimulate new collagen and elastin production longer wavelengths are used which are similar to those that are used for IPL hair removal. These wavelengths provide complete skin rejuvenation by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, skin tightening as well as improving the texture of the skin.

Are you Suitable for IPL Laser Treatments?

Unfortunately, IPL Light treatments are not suitable for all skin types. This is why we prescribe Obagi Medical Skin Care as we can achieve all the amazing benefits of IPL but using skincare at home in a similar time period of 14 weeks to transform your skin.

Please see the Fitzpatrick scale below to see suitability for IPL.

IPL can only treat Fitzpatrick 1-3 for Pigmentation and Red veins

IPL can only treat Fitzpatrick 1-4 for skin rejuvenation

What happens during all IPL Treatments

All IPL treatments require a consultation and patch test to discuss client skin concerns and treatment suitability. The patch test is required to see how your skin responds and to determine the settings needed for a full IPL treatment. Patch Tests are required 7 days before treatment.

During the treatment an Ultra Sound gel is applied to the skin before the crystal block in the handpiece is applied to the skin. There are then multiple flashes of light whilst the practitioner treats the area of skin concern, eyewear is worn. The treatment feels a little like an elastic band being gently flicked at the skin. There is no pain or discomfort after the treatment and there is minimal to zero downtime. The skin may look a little flushed for an hour or so afterwards. Pigmentation patches may darken and gently flake off after a few days, veins and redness generally disappear after a treatment or two.

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